Album Review: The Voluntary Butler Scheme – ‘The Granddad Galaxy Scheme’


An album of two halves

Not that I’m comparing Voluntary Butler Scheme’s Rob Jones to Bobby Gillespie – God knows what kind of brutality the indie police would dole out if I did – but whichever genius told Bobby to shut the fuck up and let the music speak on [b]‘Screamadelica’[/b] should dust down his bollocking trousers and give Rob a stern talking to.

[b]‘The Granddad Galaxy’[/b], you see, is an album of two halves. One is a plodding meander through kitchen sink clichés and half-arsed soliloquies; the other is an imaginative instrumental racket of drums, strings and – on the standout [b]‘Satisfactory Substitute’[/b] – eight-bit snake-charmer flute. Basically, Rob, keep your gob shut and your mind open.

Mike Williams

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