Album Review: The War On Drugs – ‘Slave Ambient’

Album Review: The War On Drugs - 'Slave Ambient'


A well constructed release from the Philly three-piece

If this lot are attempting to wage war, it seems that at the moment the drugs are still very much winning. At points the Philly three-piece offer up some hypnotic, Bunnymen-esque basslines ([b]‘Come To The City’[/b]), at others a vocal taken straight from Dylan’s own larynx ([b]‘Brothers’[/b]).

The wonderful [b]‘Baby Missiles’[/b] comes on like [b]‘Keep The Car Running’[/b] crossed with classic Springsteen, yet following track [b]‘Original Slave’[/b] is an unadulterated psychedelic wig-out. There are so many distinct yet intertwined influences peppered throughout [b]‘Slave Ambient’[/b] it would be remarkably easy to lose the thread altogether. Yet somewhere in the haze it all just kind of… fits.

Lisa Wright