The Warlocks – ‘Skull Worship’

The Warlocks - 'Skull Worship'


Each song on Skull Worship's a rotting-carcass drag through swampy noise

Warlocks frontman Bobby Hecksher is the band’s only constant in a stop-start 15 years, but he parks his own ego on this, submerging his voice beneath fuzzed-up guitars played by an ever-changing cast of associates. The LA psych-rockers’ first album in almost five years follows a familiar template, each song a rotting-carcass drag through swampy noise, sticky and oozing, with only the eerie motorik boogie of ‘Dead Generation’ and the trippy backwards synth washes of ‘Eye Jam’ bringing some still pretty gloomy light. In between, it’s a wade through thick sonic sludge, but the oncoming doom of ‘Endless Drops’ is bleakly tuneful and ‘He Looks Good In Space’ is soothing – if sleazy drone lullabies are your thing. And why not?

Matthew Horton


Record label: Zap Banana