Album review: The Wave Pictures

Album review: The Wave Pictures


If You Leave It Alone

With a gestation shorter than the time it took Doves to find their car keys, The Wave Pictures’ umpteenth album is an education in economy. Recorded in just one cockeyed session with only a twanging Dick Dale acoustic, tin-pot percussion, a rolling bassline and various brasses from Andre Herman Dune under his new name Stanley Brinks, this tender record swings easily. And that’s even under the weight of Dave Tattersall’s gawky voice, which comes on like the bastard offspring of Darren Hayman and Jonathan Richman. As if to moon the slow coaches hunched over mixing desks, Tattersall reminds them on the title track that “it gets sweeter and simpler and softer and slower and younger/The longer you leave it alone”.

Chris Parkin

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