Album Review: The Wolfmen – ‘Married To The Eiffel Tower’

Album Review: The Wolfmen - 'Married To The Eiffel Tower'


Stripped of any previous success and shamefully dull

At 17, Marco Pirroni played guitar for [b]Siouxsie Sioux[/b] at the 100 Club while [a]Sid Vicious[/a] bashed the shit out of the drums. At 20 he co-wrote [b]‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’[/b] with [a]Adam Ant[/a], one of the most gleefully camp records ever made. Since then?

A topsy-turvy credit list that peaks with [a]Sinéad O’Connor[/a]’s debut and troughs miserably with this, a tackle-out pub singalong gone wrong. O’Connor appears on [b]‘Jackie, Is It My Birthday?’[/b], stripped of all the mettle that defined her early work. Opener [b]‘Cat Green Eyes’[/b] is an embarrassing erection aiming to penetrate womankind itself, and the rest is too dull to warrant a mention.

Mike Williams

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