Thee Oh Sees – ‘Floating Coffin’

Thee Oh Sees - 'Floating Coffin'


Garage-y thrills and a sense of menace

More focus, more drive, more purpose. Sounds like it could be a slogan from a bad car advert but, actually, it’s all the qualities contained within the latest in a run of seven albums in six years by San Francisco’s Thee Oh Sees. Bandleader John Dwyer released early Ty Segall material, and on last year’s ‘Putrifiers II’ demonstrated a knack for masterful genre experimentation within the frazzled psychedelic realm in which Segall operates. There are plenty of familiar garage-y thrills to be found here, but a new sense of menace too. Title track ‘Floating Coffin’ gallops along with a host of panicked guitar scratches, while the droning groove of ‘Night Crawler’ comes across like a spaced-out Iceage. Eyes are momentarily taken off the ball for ‘Strawberries 1+2’ which meanders around a riff in search of more notes, but gentle album closer ‘Minotaur’, all gorgeous harmonies and palette-cleansing strings, demonstrates a band in charge of its own weird, fuzzy destiny.

Thom Gibbs


Record label: Castle Face
Release date: 15 Apr, 2013