Album review: These Are Powers

Album review: These Are Powers


All Aboard Future

Facts about this album:

For the sleeve of ‘All Aboard Future’, These Are Powers commissioned made-to-order illustrations from 13 artists from around the globe

Before These Are Powers, bass player Pat Noecker played in Aussie weirdo-rockers Liars.

These Are Powers recently had a van go missing from outside their door. Strangely, the night before, Pat Noecker had a dream that a giant skeleton flew over the house and crashed into the back yard.

Album review:

As befits a band formed by one-third of Liars, These Are Powers are odd.

On their third album, their loose-limbed syncopation and yowling vocals sound as though the scary girl from The Ring got a Karen O haircut and decided to inflict curses on the world through music rather than videotapes. ‘Light After Sound’ is a terrifying drone, topped by spectral moans echoing from purgatory; the sound of Derek Acorah ripping a hole in the fabric of reality and trying to thrust its howling malevolent spirits back from whence they came. By comparison, the gleeful squelches on ‘Life Of Birds’ might sound like a cheery Game Boy – but, next to the sinister electro-chill of the rest of the record, it’s a nursery rhyme. Oh, and you’ll be dead a week after listening to it.

Tara Mulholland