Album Review: Thomas Dolby – ‘A Map Of The Floating City’

Album Review: Thomas Dolby - 'A Map Of The Floating City'


He's still in mad scientist mode

This first album in over 20 years from the British synthpop legend was trailed by an elaborate online game set in an imaginary city. It’s nice to see [b]Dolby[/b] still in mad scientist mode, but he’s populated his metropolis with a set of country twangers, Arabesque bangers, lounge ballads and quirky lyrics (aided by the theatrical pipes of singers [a]Imogen Heap[/a] and [a]Regina Spektor[/a]) whose relentless eccentricity grates somewhat. The brainiac pop that established Dolby as a kind of funnier, friendlier [a]Gary Numan[/a] in the ’80s was often tinged with a bleakness that offset the wacky stylings; it only really emerges here on closer ‘[b]To The Lifeboats[/b]’.

[i]Frances Morgan[/i]


Director: Thomas Dolby
Record label: Lost Toy People
Release date: 24 Oct, 2011