Throw Me The Statue



The cover of ‘Moonbeams’ features an arty shot of two mostly naked ladies larking around on a wooden pier – part-sophisticated art pamphlet, part-Spring Break phwoar! It’s a clue to what’s inside, because TMTS – the pop vehicle for Seattle’s Scott Reitherman and friends – marks them out to be literate, sensitive dudes… but still dude dudes, yeah? Musically, it’s from that Neutral Milk Hotel school of American indie, where plucked banjo, budget synth, parps of brass and Postal Service-style electronic beats flow together like a watercolour. What keeps ‘Moonbeams’ from being wishy-washy is Reitherman, whose red-blooded delivery – think Craig Finn of The Hold Steady in his dressing gown – keeps things ruddy around the cheeks. It’s a little unshaven, a bit too keen on its own navel, but Grandaddy fans should crack a beer and crank it.

Louis Pattison