Album review: Thursday

Album review: Thursday


Common Existence

Facts about this album:

Thursday were routinely upset at Victory Records over the use of their image, including the label’s attempts to distribute Thursday-themed whoopee cushions

Although they don’t like to give listeners much peace on ‘Common Existence’, Thursday use a dove logo on their albums and merchandise

Thursday have set up a US phone number which their fans can call to leave messages… 001 201-942-0840, if you’re bored.

Album review:

Five albums and 10 years at the forefront of post-hardcore evidently hasn’t quelled the fire of New Jersey’s Thursday; their first record for the once-legendary, now-disappointing Epitaph burns with eager energy. Stand back – in their arsenal they have weapons aplenty: ‘Last Call’ throbs like a fresh bruise from a new lover, and ‘Unintended Long Term Effects’ manages to fit most bands’ entire career-worth of peaks and troughs into under two-and-a-half minutes. And while ‘You Were The Cancer’’s emoting feels laboured next to ‘Circuits Of Fever’’s melodic starscream, not to mention the flurry of body-blows that is ‘Resuscitation Of A Dead Man’, ‘Common Existence’ is a worthy addition to Thursday’s canon.

Ben Patashnik