Album review: Tiefschwarz – ‘Chocolate’ (Souvenir)

Album review: Tiefschwarz - 'Chocolate' (Souvenir)


Vorsprung durch musik

A German duo whose third album is also their first for five years, [a]Tiefschwarz[/a]’s reputation as the discerning modernist house buff’s choice is reflected in their own, very particular, approach to their craft. [b]‘Chocolate’[/b] is sleek and gleaming enough to invite overused analogies about Teutonic precision engineering and suchlike – not quite minimal, not quite deep house, but possessing a similar ability to spin hypnotic gold from deceptively simple electronics. Rarely if ever do they turn away from the dancefloor, either – a refreshing change to the screeds of bloated ‘artist albums’ the world has suffered through in the name of dance music auteurs.

[b]Noel Gardner[/b]