Album Review : Tiga

Album Review : Tiga


Album review:

Deep in the vaults of house music history, somewhere in-between New York’s Paradise Garage and Chicago’s The Warehouse, was a time when all club tracks were full of obese black men, croaking innuendos that’d make Julian Clary seem prudish. The homopobic late-’70s ‘disco sucks’ movement was the bitch-slapping retort. Three decades on, a mini Canadian chap is bringing things full-circle and thanks to an all-star cast including the brothers Soulwax and Gonzales, he almost pulls off this grand appropriation. Tracks such as ‘Beep Beep Beep’ slink and twirl with a bawdy grace, but on the likes of ‘Sex O’Clock’, it’s hard to hide the tired pantomime of his vocals; more Widow Twanky than RuPaul.

Jaimie Hodgson

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