Album Review: Tim Hecker

Album Review: Tim Hecker


An Imaginary Country

Facts about this album:

* Tim Hecker hails from Vancouver, Canada.

* ‘An Imaginary Country’ is his sixth album.

Album review:

The key to enjoying this? Don’t wait for the chorus. Pegging himself as a “sound artist” as much as a musician, Canadian Hecker might have been operating long before Fuck Buttons ever appeared on the Top Gear soundtrack, but his compositions (they’re not really ‘songs’) plough a similar ambient/noise furrow. It flows impressively – ‘Sea Of Pulses’ is expansive and queasy, while ‘Her Black Horizon’ hums with woozy energy – but tends to blur slightly into one long throb. If you’ve got patience it’s a quiet joy; if not, it’ll drive you nuts.

Ben Patashnik

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