Timber Timbre – ‘Hot Dreams’

Timber Timbre - 'Hot Dreams'


Taylor Kirk goes film noir on abrasive new effort

Few artists could manage a trajectory as fine-tuned as Timber Timbre: in developing a distinct identity for his swamp-folk project over five releases in eight years, Taylor Kirk has ensured each album feels more substantial than the last. Previously, Timber Timbre’s creepy qualities conjured B-movie references, but ‘Hot Dreams’ feels distinctly film noir. Though there are less standout moments than on previous records, it is a wonderfully cohesive whole that renders brooding menace into graceful songcraft (as with the softly sung, “Run from me, darlin’/You better run for your life”, on ‘Run From Me’). In evoking an unsettled mind yearning for simpler times, Kirk as warped the gothic folk feel of his older work into something abrasive, and even nightmarish.

Cian Traynor


Record label: Full Time Hobby
Release date: 31 Mar, 2014