To My Boy



Eccentric Darlington duo To My Boy have a message for you that may just have saved music. The message comes in the form of a collection of bedroom Casio classics about conversations with computers and, occasionally, strays hilariously from ultra-modern synth pop into brilliantly overblown camp ’80s electro. Yes, it is slightly more obtuse than your average Razorlight album and 10 times as good. Recent single ‘I Am X Ray’ remains the epitome of perfect Nintendo-wave power-up pop. Breakneck bouncing bleeps and beats frame the barked refrain and it encapsulates the boundless buoyancy that transcends this album and makes it so utterly enchanting. The entire thing sounds like a rave in Sonic The Hedgehog’s burrow with Pikachu on the decks, and it’s amazing. Don’t like it? You need a good re-booting, mate.

Rebecca Robinson