The Changes


Today Is Tonight

Chicago’s The Changes sound a bit like The Shins in the same way that Har Mar Superstar looks a bit like Ron Jeremy. In Garden State Natalie Portman forced the guy from Scrubs to listen to The Shins with the promise that they would change his life – but listen to this debut from The Changes and, rather than your life being changed, you’re more likely to rue the fact that you lost 44 minutes of it you’ll never get back. Because while songs like ‘House Of Style’ and ‘When I Wake’ might have the smile-soft vocals, unicorn-gallop pace and Mercury Rev-on-half-an-E sunny-ness of The Shins’ irresistible Americana, they’ve got none of the tunes that underpin it. And that makes buying ‘Today Is Tonight’ a purchase akin to buying a Ferrari without an engine. Moreover, the ’80s disco-ish ‘Twilight’ is their attempt at a style break, but sounds like Jamiroquai. Yeah, The Shins meets Jamiroquai. Gulp.

Jamie Fullerton