Album Reviews: Tom Waits – ‘Bad As Me’

Album Reviews: Tom Waits - 'Bad As Me'


It's not up there with the best

You don’t have to be old to start baying like a hellhound at the prospect of a new [a]Tom Waits[/a] record. The postmodern blues croaker has enjoyed a career arc in stark opposition to rock’s littered landscape of beautiful corpses, only improving as age has made him sound more in need of a throat lozenge. As such, ‘[b]Bad As Me[/b]’ has to rank as a disappointment, since there are no surprises to match ‘[b]Real Gone[/b]’’s sepulchral funk or ‘[b]Orphans…[/b]’’ breathtaking sweep. Still, it’s a thrill hearing him kick out the jams with Keef (‘[b]Last Leaf[/b]’) and extending a heartfelt, raspy fuck-you to the bankers in ‘[b]Everybody’s Talking[/b]’. A-wooo, etc.

[i]Alex Denney[/i]


Director: Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan
Record label: ANTI-
Release date: 24 Oct, 2011