Album Review: Tommy Sparks

Album Review: Tommy Sparks


Tommy Sparks

Album review:

Right, let’s get real: this whole ‘wonky pop’ thing isn’t really happening, is it? Dan Black, Frankmusik, Alphabeat… all self-consciously colourful music championed by the few “no, seriously!” bores who are still banging on and on and on about Xenomania and Girls Aloud. They might also be quite excited about Tommy Sparks’ debut, but they shouldn’t be, for he is to Brian Higgins what Little Man Tate are to Arctic Monkeys. In other words, he can craft a half-decent pop song (‘Velo Arktis’, single ‘She’s Got Me Dancing’), but has nowhere near enough personality to distinguish anything here from any of the other wonky lot. The simple, sad truth: pop music is nothing without stars, and Tommy Sparks is not a star.

Hamish MacBain

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