Toro Y Moi – ‘Anything In Return’

Toro Y Moi - 'Anything In Return'


‘Anything In Return’ is no disaster, but...

Chazwick Bundick, aka Toro Y Moi, is 1) bosom buddies with Tyler, The Creator; and 2) owner of the world’s coolest name. If his music was as impressive as either of these things, we’d all be laughing. Sadly, that isn’t quite the case. ‘Anything In Return’ is no disaster, but having released three solid yet unremarkable albums in as many years, the lack of any real progression or improvement is making the warning lights flash. Sure, where once there was the wishy-washy sound of chillwave, we now get bursts of loved-up house (‘Harm In Change’ and ‘Say That’) in the album’s exciting opening flourish, hinting at newfound confidence and clubby sounds. Elsewhere, things revert to type with songs such as ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Grown Up Calls’ as forgettable as a 0-0 draw, Bundick’s voice lacking the presence to add anything to the often limp production. Ultimately ‘Anything In Return’ suggests a tendency to follow the musical trends du jour rather than defining a true Toro Y Moi sound.

David Renshaw