Album review: Trash Kit – ‘Trash Kit’ (Upset The Rhythm)

Album review: Trash Kit - 'Trash Kit' (Upset The Rhythm)


Lady post-punk of the highest grade

Expressing in just 27 terrific minutes why the have-a-go experimentalism of post-punk was always so much more vital than the three-chord chug of punk, [a]Trash Kit[/a] bash out a debut that’s near-righteous in its single-mindedness. An all-action, all-lady trio rising from the ashes of such bands as Lesbo Pig and [a]Electrelane[/a], Trash Kit whip up a perfect storm of tumbling, holler-helmed chaos that settles into a precise, catchy and sweetly-plied fusion of galloping poly-rhythms, dub bass, wiry guitar lines and sax that sounds like Delta 5 inviting Pigbag and African folk music aboard the good ship riot grrrl.

[b]Chris Parkin[/b]

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