Album review: Trash Talk – ‘Eyes And Nines’ (Hassle)

Album review: Trash Talk - 'Eyes And Nines' (Hassle)


Troublemaking punks stay true to form

In many ways Sacramento-based sludgecore outfit [a]Trash Talk[/a]’s third album is a masterclass in sonic violence. Majoring in decapitation by guitar, the much-talked-about mob’s 60-second assaults could give Bruce Banner a run for his money in the rage stakes and the record as a whole features more short sharp shocks than a dodgy kettle. Yes, we could have done without the plodding, church-baiting [b]‘Hash Wednesday'[/b], but songs such as [b]‘Explode'[/b], and [b]‘On A Fix’[/b] more than make up for it and are so incredibly abrasive that you probably shouldn’t put ‘Eyes & Nines’ next to valuable records on your shelf. Just in case.

[b]Edwin McFee[/b]

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