The Trentemoller Chronicles

You can tell from the ‘ø’ that Anders Trentemøller is a Nordic type. But instead of the catchy, eccentric pop his fellow Scandinavians are famous for, this Dane deals in a brand of minimal, room-shaking techno. From Berlin to Detroit – and in this case Copenhagen – there’s a revolution going on in electronic music. DJs and producers have stripped away the fat to leave a lean, taut musical form that works in the club but also for home listeners too and Trentemøller is one of its most inventive standard bearers. ‘The Trentemøller Chronicles’ is as good a place to start as any; an admittedly premature ‘best of’ over two CDs of original material and remixes that ranges from the emotive, Cure-esque ‘Blood In The Streets’ to the smart, squelchy, rumbling reworking of Moby’s classic ‘Go’. It’s proper head music that works for the feet too.

Stephen Worthy