Album Review: Tricky – Mixed Race (Domino)

Album Review: Tricky - Mixed Race (Domino)


Fittingly, 'Mixed Race' is an eclectic, mixed bag of sounds: Parisian electro yelps, stripped back hip-hop and Middle-Eastern whispers colluding together

He’s a [b]Knowle West[/b] boy when it suits, but [a]Tricky[/a]’s always been a global village citizen. His internal conflicts resulted in paranoid miasmas on an impending Y2K for 1996’s [b]‘Pre-Millennium Tension’[/b]. Nowadays, though, culture-clashing is de rigueur. So [b]‘Kingston Logic’[/b] nods to [a]Daft Punk[/a] and [a]Tricky[/a]’s current Paris occupancy, [b]‘Murder Weapon’[/b] samples the ‘Peter Gunn’ theme for some slo-mo hip-hop, [b]‘Hakim’[/b] rides an Eastern groove tailor-made for the opium den. It’s only on [b]‘Ghetto Stars’ when that ominous whisper comes to the fore, that [b]‘Mixed Race’[/b] excites, and a cascade of strings that don’t so much make us yearn for past glories as wonder what [a]Tricky[/a] thinks he has left to prove.

[b]Jason Draper[/b]

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