Tricky – ‘Adrian Thaws’

Tricky - 'Adrian Thaws'


Trip-hop hero continues his drunken iPod selection approach to albums on inconsistent new offering

For most of his periodically illustrious career, Tricky’s music has been the stuff of smoke-filled rooms and post-club paranoia. ‘Adrian Thaws’ however, is billed as a club/hip-hop album, which makes you wonder what kind of bizarre nightspots Tricky frequents. At best (‘Nicotine Love’) the results sound like a chopped and screwed take on electroclash, all unhurried beats, dread synths and Tricky’s phlegmy whisper. From thereon in, though, things get seriously unbalanced, with the second half veering from straight-up hip-hop (a cover of London Posse’s ‘Gangster Chronicle’) to ham-fistedly impersonating The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’ on ‘Why Don’t You’. It’s less nightclub, more drunken iPod selection, typical of late-period Tricky: brilliant, frustrating and fatally inconsistent.

Ben Cardew


Record label: False Idols
Release date: 08 Sep, 2014