Tripwires – ‘Spacehopper’

Tripwires - 'Spacehopper'


Following in the footsteps of early ’90s jangling shoegaze

Tripwires, from Reading, Berkshire, follow in the early ’90s jangling shoegaze footsteps of former pioneering bands from the Thames Valley area – Chapterhouse, Slowdive, Ride – and frontman Rhys Edwards shares the nasal vocal style of one Neil Halstead. But make no mistake, Tripwires are no tribute act. ‘Plasticine’ adds a Strokes ‘12:51’-style guitar solo and a slamming near-grunge breakdown to the aesthetic, and even when they do start to teeter dangerously close to pastiche with ‘Shimmer’, it’s a good lesson in wailing riffs and melodic vocals. The album begins to lag toward the end as the slower tracks drag their heels, but it’s still an impressive debut.

Simon Butcher


Record label: Frenchkiss
Release date: 17 Jun, 2013