Album review: Tubelord – ‘Our First American Friends’ (Hassle)

Album review: Tubelord - 'Our First American Friends' (Hassle)


Youth, bottled and shaken...

It’s a good thing youthful exuberance isn’t a tangible quality because [a]Tubelord[/a]’s debut would be exploding CD players on impact. Like the cute but punchable little brother to [a]Biffy Clyro[/a]’s rugged older sibling, these post-hardcore tykes clearly had a lot of fun making [b]‘Our First American Friends’[/b] and every moment here oozes good-time zest. With song titles such as opener [b]‘Your Bed Is Kind Of Frightening’[/b] and the sinewy [b]‘Night Of The Pencils’[/b], you know what you’re getting: highly melodic indie-pop with big scuzzy rock guitars all the way. The trio’s propensity for wacky lyrics and overly showy time changes can often be distracting, but it’s hard not to get carried away with their infectiously palpable excitement.

[b]Tom Edwards[/b]

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