Album Review: Tubelord – ‘Romance’

Album Review: Tubelord - 'Romance'


An album that sounds better in the depths of a sweaty moshpit, than it does on record

Still as petulant and wide-eyed as a sack full of whippets, Kingston math-poppers [a]Tubelord[/a]’s second effort is just as irritating and convivial in equal parts as their first. Aside from a brief trundle into [a]Van Halen[/a]-bothering synthery on the opening track ‘[b]Over In Brooklyn[/b]’, the album sticks to frenetic past form, occasionally throwing up a twinkly highlight such as the restrained ‘Never Washboard’. Still, much here resembles an epileptic fit more closely than a song (stand up ‘[b]In Greenland[/b]’) and it’s impossible to get away from the fact that it would all sound approximately 47 times more enjoyable from the depths of a sweaty moshpit than it does on record.

[i]Tom Edwards[/i]


Director: James Elliot-Field
Record label: Pink Misk
Release date: 10 Oct, 2011