Uniting an army of fans (The Turbojugend) under a love of bad jokes, homoerotic posing and grade-A shlock-rock, denim-clad Norwegian manic depressives Turbonegro have released seven albums of party-starting rock’n’roll and never made a penny. It’s perhaps no real surprise that mainstream success has proved elusive when their singer’s party trick is inserting a lit firework into his arse onstage, but whatever: with ‘Retox’ the jokes are better and the rip-offs of AC/DC, LA punk and The Stooges even more shameless than before. Songs like ‘Everybody Loves A Chubby Dude’ and ‘What Is Rock?!’ (“choking on your own vomit in the back of a rapist’s van”, apparently) might not win them new fans, but The Turbojugend will agree with singer Hank Von Helvete when he bellows, “We saved rock’n’roll! All on our own! With our bare hands!”

Pat Long