Album review: Turzi – B (Record Makers)

Album review: Turzi - B (Record Makers)


A sun-dazed trek through the alphabet

Just over half as ambitious as [a]Sufjan Stevens[/a]’ now-abandoned 50 States project, [a]Air[/a]’s favourite Gallic groove merchant [b]Romain Turzi[/b] continues his trek through the alphabet here after 2007’s history lesson, ‘[b]A[/b]’. This time round, he takes inspiration from the city and while the panto-metal ‘[b]Bombay[/b]’, dronesome, sun-dazed ‘[b]Bethlehem[/b]’ and [b]Bobby Gillespie[/b]-voiced sneer-rock of ‘[b]Baltimore[/b]’ all paint appropriate scenes, [a]Turzi[/a]’s mind-mushying shooting-star techno is just too futuristic and dazzling for such earthly cities as ‘[b]Bogota[/b]’ and ‘[b]Bamako[/b]’. With eccentric psychedelic chops like these, [a]Turzi[/a] should try exploring the cosmos on album ‘[b]C[/b]’.

[b]Chris Parkin[/b]

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