Album Review: The Twilight Singers – Dynamite Steps (Sub Pop)


An endearingly dark exploration of death and immortality.

You can’t imagine Greg Dulli ever popping to the shop to get in a round of Soleros, can you? The last time we saw the former [a]Afghan Whigs[/a] man he was stewing his gloopily noir brand of bluster-rock with Mark Lanegan as [a]The Gutter Twins[/a] – now he’s back with his fifth [a]Twilight Singers[/a] album.

Lanegan pops up again on [b]‘Be Invited’[/b] and [b]‘Blackbird And The Fox’[/b], but even without him Dulli generally succeeds in keeping things as darkly hypnotic as a rain-lashed midnight motorway.

[b]‘Waves’[/b] boasts QOTSA-esque propulsion, but the rest is more subtle vampiric piano thumps and cinematic finger-quiver strings. It’s darkness by numbers, maybe, but they add up to something worth keeping.

Jamie Fullerton


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