Type O Negative


Dead Again

Brooklyn’s Type O Negative, or ‘The Drab Four’ as they’re probably known to their friends, are a quartet of veteran doom-merchants fond of comparing their sonic daring to that of The Beatles. Quite what they actually have in common with The Fab Four apart from a constant cat-call of “Sgt Pepper was weird as well!” is not quite clear, but since they count among their number a 6ft 6” frontman who plays a stand-up bass suspended from a rusty chain, we’re not going to argue too energetically. ‘Dead Again’ is their seventh album and is chockful of clues as to why they’ve lasted these past 17 years in the, ahem, gothic doom metal community: there’s tuneful acrobatics going on beneath the dirge, and in the likes of ‘The Profits Of Doom’, some actual humour.

Dan Martin