Album Review: Ulrich Schnauss – ‘Missing Deadlines: Selected Remixes’ (Rocket Girl)


At times homogenous to the point of distraction

For all intents, this fourth album by reclusive London-based Deutschlander [b]Ulrich Schnauss[/b] is more a collection of cover versions than a remix record. Featuring selections from the likes of [b]Howling Bells[/b] and [b]Rachel Goswell[/b] of Schnauss’ beloved [b]Slowdive[/b], these electronic re-imaginings never stray far from the textured soundscapes of his original work. Occasional vivid moments such as [b]Asobi Seksu[/b]’s rumbling [b]‘Strawberries’[/b] provide a little relief, however. While [b]‘Missing Deadlines’[/b] is undoubtedly accomplished, with honest affection for its source material, it is also homogenous to the point of distraction.

[b]Tom Edwards[/b]

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