Album Review: Ulterior – Wild In Wildlife (Speed)

Album Review: Ulterior - Wild In Wildlife (Speed)


Abundant with filth, sweat and darkness, it's not for the faint hearted.

Lyrics of death, apocalypse, fast cars, urban deviance and fornication. Synthesizers, drum machines and pompous guitars that exude so much leather and sweat you could outfit an S&M army with them.

Yep, [a]Ulterior[/a] are not afraid to stomp their boots on territories other, lesser mortals fear to tread. The band filter the stadium gothicism of the [a]Sisters Of Mercy[/a] via the intensity of ‘Xtrmntr’-era [a]Primal Scream[/a].

What makes [a]Ulterior[/a] more than just a creaking tribute act, though, is the feeling of utter conviction that runs through the whole of this record, like a lubed fist in a… see, it’s catching. Completely preposterous, sure, but brilliant for it.

Luke Turner