Album Review: Various Artists

Album Review: Various Artists


A Psychedelic Guide To Monsterism Island

Facts about this album:

* Pete Fowler, inventor of the Monsterism concept, does all the artwork for Super Furry Animals’ albums.

Album review:

Now you can create a playlist, skateboard, sip milkshake and pat a dog simultaneously, the compilation is fading from cultural significance like the SodaStream. But with SFA sleeve artist Pete Fowler’s second comp of underground psychedelia being comprised of originals, at least it’s not something you can cobble together from the crumbs down the back of your iPod. It’s a hazy-headed affair – Belbury Poly’s ‘Designated Wizard Practice Area’’s organ and Circulus’ medieval knees-up ‘Til We Merry Meet Again’ impressing most, although if you end up falling asleep to it may depend on whether your idea of a good night in begins and ends with a spliff the size of a marker pen.

Jamie Fullerton

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