Album review: Various artists

Album review: Various artists


Spring Awakening

Facts about this album:

* The musical Spring Awakening opened on Broadway in 2007, and has won 8 Tony Awards.

* The plot is based on an 19th century German play by Frank Wedekind that was band from the stage for over a century.

Album review:

Apparently Thom Yorke went to see this Tony/Grammy-winning musical, now given the soundtrack treatment. We wonder if he managed to last the duration. Awful lyrics sung in cheesy, power-pop American accents reference “breasts”, “gym class”, “semesters”, “the bitch of living” and, like, how “totally fucked” everything is. The original story was banned throughout Europe in the 1890s but is so devalued by the Dawson’s Creek-isms served up every 15 seconds here that any notion of a concept is left dangling on a severely frayed string. Shame, as the actual plot involves a stark tale of youthful repression that takes in suicide, abortion and… hang about… group masturbation? So that’s where the Blink-182 influence comes in.

Matt Wilkinson

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