Album review: Various Artists – ‘Common People’

Album review: Various Artists - 'Common People'


Nostalgia can be a terrible thing...

You might think, what with Oasis (“We’re not fookin’ Britpop!”) and Blur (“We’re not facking Britpop!”) both playing gigantic outdoor shows all summer long, that there couldn’t be a better time to unleash a Britpop compilation.

And aside from those two big guns, the compilers of this three CD set have done a comprehensive job of gathering all the other leading lights (not sure whether The Stone Roses will be overly flattered to be included here also, but hey). The best efforts by Supergrass, Suede, Pulp, Elastica still fizz with the same energy that they did on arrival, but more intriguing from a historical point of view is the utter, utter crock of shit that surfaced in the latter half of the ’90s and which dominates this three-disc compilation.

Aside from the odd obscure gem (Perfume’s ‘Lover’, Theaudience’s ‘A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed’), time has not been at all kind to the work of Kula Shaker, Space, Catatonia, Gay Dad, Ocean Colour Scene and a LOT of the others here, rendering this compilation merely a smirk-inducing hollow nostalgia trip for those who lived through it and utterly inessential to everyone else.

Liam Cash

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