Album review: Various Artists – ‘Cold Waves And Minimal Electronics’ (Angular)

Album review: Various Artists - 'Cold Waves And Minimal Electronics' (Angular)

Chilly post-punk-synth forebears of Cold Cave et al compiled

This compilation of pioneering electronic music details the moment when Europe’s punks got their alienated mitts on synths and distilled Futurist fury into arpeggiated basslines and one-finger melodies, with the itchy theatricality of Linear Movements’ [b]‘Night In June’[/b] or the stern experimentalism of Ruth’s [b]‘Polaroid/Roman/Photo’[/b] still bristling with a vitality refusing to be obscured by the chart assimilation and shitty haircuts that followed. For anyone wanting to delve into electronic music’s history but lacking the inclination to go crate-digging in Belgian charity shops, this is a viable, and probably preferable, alternative.

[b]Louise Brailey[/b]

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