Album Review: Various Artists – ‘For Folk’s Sake It’s Christmas’

Album Review: Various Artists - 'For Folk's Sake It's Christmas'


A mulled and measured marvel

Many Christmas albums revel in the shiny sparkle and magic of the season, but you can rely on the beardies to evoke its sparer side; candles in small stone churches, snow on bony branches, warm hearths shored against the dark. From [b]Caitlin Rose[/b] and [b]Keegan DeWitt[/b]’s plaintive country sleighbell strumalong, via [b]Cocos Lovers[/b]’ rawly recorded, medievally stark medley of ‘[b]Christmas Is Coming[/b]’ and ‘[b]God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen[/b],’ to [b]Darren Hayman[/b]’s snuggly harmonied and graceful [b]‘Lost In The Snow[/b]’ and [b]Kathryn Williams[/b] and [b]Neil MacColl[/b]’s sardonic ‘[b]Christmas In Hell[/b]’, this a mulled and measured marvel.

[i]Duncan Gillespie[/i]


Director: Joe Innes
Record label: Released through Bandcamp
Release date: 28 Dec, 2011