Ceremony – Zoo

Ceremony - Zoo


A splash of post-punk to their tight-drilled grind

California’s Ceremony are the first out-and-out hardcore band since Fucked Up to ink a contract with Matador, and on the evidence of ‘Zoo’, they might be about to squeeze up alongside Damian Abraham for a particularly snug place in your heart. Slightly more tempered than their early thug-punk outings, their fourth album adds a splash of post-punk to the band’s tight-drilled grind. Dirges like ‘Nosebleed’ drag their knuckles like the bad babies of Pissed Jeans and Wire’s ‘Pink Flag’, but ‘Adult’ proves they can pen an anthem when it’s called for: “We have to give up on things we love/SOMETIMES!” roars Ross Farrar as guitars peak in jagged salute.

Louis Pattison


Director: John Goodmanson
Record label: Matador
Release date: 06 Mar, 2012