That Fucking Tank – ‘TFT’

That Fucking Tank - 'TFT'


Feral noise blasts and brief scorchings

Leeds has thrown up more than its fair share of unrepentant loud-bastard rock acts in the past few years. As the name might suggest, That Fucking Tank are no strangers to skull-compromising volume. Rivalling similarly swearily monikered The Fucking Champs in their tireless dedication to tearing math-rock an unholy new hole in the most irreverent manner possible, ‘TFT’ sees this agenda pursued even more avidly. From feral noise blasts such as ‘Nailbomb’ to the brief but scorching ‘D8’ (written by what the sleevenotes explain as “a chance-generated musical arrangement system”), ‘TFT’ never loosens its relentless deathgrip for a moment.

Tom Edwards


Record label: Gringo
Release date: 12 Mar, 2012