Stay+ – ‘Arem EP’

Stay+ - 'Arem EP'


Reeks of forced experimentalism

It’s easy to hate Stay+. Originally operating under the name Christian Aids, carping bollocks about their shows having a “manipulative element” based on phone hacking and describing themselves as a collective, they’re basically a bunch of Johnny Borrells with samplers. But J-Bo at least had a ‘Golden Touch’ in him, whereas the really annoying thing here is the lack of substance under all the style. Centrepiece ‘Guardian’ – somewhere along the lines of Hurts doing ’90s rave – is a satisfying stand-out, while ‘Dandelion Seed’ has a SBTRKT-lite charm, but the whole thing reeks of forced experimentalism when simplicity would have earned them a lot more praise.

Lisa Wright


Record label: Ramp
Release date: 30 Apr, 2012