Brackles – ‘Rinse Presents Brackles’

Brackles - 'Rinse Presents Brackles'


Something's missing, and that something is soul

Rob Kemp’s journey to releasing an album as Brackles with a ‘Rinse Presents…’ prefix is a fairly standard one. He first jumped behind the

decks in his bedroom at the age of 15, before decamping from Nottingham to London, becoming a regular at legendary dubstep night FWD>>

and landing his own weekly show on Rinse FM.

This happens all the time. However, his reputation is one of gliding through genres, predominantly UK funky and garage, all of which come through

on his debut album and follow-up to last year’s single, ‘12” Number One’. Female vocalists add layers to some of the tracks – from Terri Walker melting over ‘DPMO’ to Katy B identikit Cherri V buzzing about the summer beat of ‘Chasing Crazy’ – and tracks like ‘Squarehead’ and ‘Too Much’ prove that Kemp is as concerned with 4am as he is with sunshine. But there’s something missing here, and that something is soul.

Will Gilgrass


Director: Brackles
Record label: Rinse
Release date: 07 May, 2012