Taffy – ‘Caramel Sunset’

Taffy - 'Caramel Sunset'


They write anthems and sing them like Elastica

Much has been made of Tokyo four-piece Taffy’s debt to the classic British lineage of rock acts. Whether they know they sound like the best

bits of Coxon’s Blur (circa ’96), New Order’s ‘Ceremony’ and – ooh, er – Britpop cult heroes Echobelly and Sleeper is beside the point, because like all those acts, they know their way around a pop hook like they know their way around their collection of ‘Shine’ compilations, and the results

are nothing short of splendorous. The quartet write anthems, and they sing them like Elastica used to sing them. Their eyes are wide open and they want you to sing along proudly with them. Are you in?

Ashley Raphael


Record label: Club AC30
Release date: 07 May, 2012