Oberman Knocks – ‘Beatcroff Slabs Aperture’

Oberman Knocks - 'Beatcroff Slabs Aperture'


Gloopy, acidic assemblies of inhuman creaks and thuds

People speak scornfully of ‘dance music you can’t dance to’, but sometimes you suspect they just haven’t tried. Venerable Mancunian software wizards Autechre get that jibe consistently, despite their clear electro and techno leanings. Well, here’s the second album by Nigel Truswell as Oberman Knocks – he proudly proclaims his Autechre influence, but you really can’t dance to his gloopy, acidic assemblies of inhuman creaks and thuds. It resembles lots of canonical electronic music – just maliciously rewired and dragged through a hedge backwards. Useful as an instant horror soundtrack, or an insight into what the recent Actress album would sound like to your grandparents.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Aperture
Release date: 30 Jul, 2012