SpectraSoul – ‘Delay No More’

SpectraSoul - 'Delay No More'


A truly complete debut, plunging into its creators’ souls

Brightonian duo SpectraSoul’s debut album comes after six years of releasing refined, soulful music for a raft of drum’n’bass’ most respected imprints, proving there’s a lot more to the genre than braggadocious MCs, dodgy headwear and fluffy boots. Returning to the label that gave them their first release – DJ Friction’s Shogun Audio – ‘Delay No More’ laughs in the face of those who seek to dismiss d’n’b as a creatively bereft, moribund genre, with soulful vocal turns and delicate intricacies, tempered by brutal bass and razor-sharp rhythmic structures. This is that rare thing in dance music – a truly complete album that plunges deep into its creators’ souls.

Jon Cook


Record label: Shogun Audio
Release date: 30 Jul, 2012