Karima Francis – ‘The Remedy’

Karima Francis - 'The Remedy'


A stirring album from the Blackpool lass

Despite having an “inimitable voice” (CLANG), Karima Francis attracts comparisons to Tracy Chapman and Joan Armatrading – possibly something to do with the Blackpool lass shunning the current vogue for Victorian waifs in favour of an aesthetic best described as ‘uncommonly stylish indie boy’. Fortunately, there’s also grounding in her music, which is solid singer-songwriter fare with more longing than your teenage years. This second album can be affecting – ‘Days Like These’ is a stirring anti-anthem, while ‘Wherever I Go’ laments separation elegantly – but there’s nothing as transcendent as ‘Fast Car’ or ‘Love And Affection’.

Nick Levine


Record label: Mercury
Release date: 20 Aug, 2012