Evan Caminiti – ‘Dreamless Sleep’

Evan Caminiti - 'Dreamless Sleep'


A uniquely desolate offering from one half of Barn Owl

If you crave sternum-troubling frequencies and glacier-paced riff invocations… well, this won’t answer your prayers, but there’s treats to be had nonetheless. You might know Evan Caminiti as half of Barn Owl, a San Fran duo whose music hints at the drone doom Earth abandoned in the ’90s. Solo, Caminiti is more blissed out: ‘Dreamless Sleep’ is every bit the comfortably numb sonic womb its title suggests, guitar and synth washing almost imperceptibly into each other. Its celestial hums and pulses bear comparison to Tangerine Dream (or, more contemporaneously, the likes of Emeralds), but Caminiti’s style is uniquely desolate and delicious.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Thrill Jockey
Release date: 20 Aug, 2012