CFCF – ‘Exercises EP’

CFCF - 'Exercises EP'


An understated synthpop EP from the Canadian producer

There are people in this cruel world who look at a guy with a keyboard and assume they’re about to be exposed to some self-indulgent noodling. In some cases they’re right. But work your way through the ocean of GarageBand bedroom experimentations out there and you’ll find someone like CFCF – a Canadian producer who manages to strike a balance between the sturdy emotiveness of pop and the shimmering beguilement of ambience. ‘Exercises’ is a collection of soundscapes bolstered by fractured piano hooks. ‘Building’ shivers like a piano recital in a snowstorm, while ‘September’ (a reworking of a David Sylvian track) is understated synthpop of the most magical kind.

Katherine Rodgers


Record label: Dummy
Release date: 06 Aug, 2012