R Stevie Moore – ‘Lo Fi Hi Fives… A Kind Of Best Of’

R Stevie Moore - 'Lo Fi Hi Fives... A Kind Of Best Of'


A mildly eccentric sampling of a four-decade career

How do you boil down a four-decade, 500-plus album career with absolutely no hits into a handy tune-laden sampler? In the case of this latest attempt at introducing US pop outsider and Ariel Pink mentor R Stevie Moore to a wider audience, you airbrush out most of the weirdness and portray your subject as a mildly eccentric singer-songwriter. Moore’s ingenious stabs at rap and synthwave are shunted aside in favour of wonky power-pop songcraft, so while you can’t deny the woozy beauty of tunes such as the self-reflexive ‘Pop Music’ and the Beach Boys-like ‘Here Comes Summer Again’ you might want to do some digging of your own.

Joseph Stannard


Record label: O Genesis
Release date: 06 Aug, 2012