Cheek Mountain Thief – ‘Cheek Mountain Thief’

Cheek Mountain Thief - 'Cheek Mountain Thief'


An insipid LP from the Tunng front man

There was a time when acoustic-bothering sods like Travis and Turin Brakes ruled the post-Britpop airwaves. Operating on the more experimental fringes were snoozetronica’s Tunng, their flimsy folkisms wrapped in ‘meaningful’ obscurity. Mainman Mike Lindsay recently upped sticks for Iceland, got engaged and made a folklore-inspired LP as Cheek Mountain Thief. Sounds amazing, but CMT’s satchel is packed with sleepy-making barbiturates. Ditties like ‘Strain’ and ‘Darkness’ boast an ear-stroking whimsy, but an insipid, pathological hippiness remains within his music.

Jazz Monroe


Record label: Full Time Hobby
Release date: 13 Aug, 2012